How does it work?    


Contact us we are happy to talk through the process with you and we will arrange a time and date for a visit to the property for an evaluation. Alternatively if you only have a few items to clear you can email photographs to and we will reply as soon as possible.


Personalised quote-  After seeing some photographs/ meeting with either you or a representative at the property, we will be able to work out the cost of the clearance, taking into account the value of the items that need to be cleared.


Then It's up to you!   We will wait for you to decide if you would like to go ahead with the clearance and if so, agree on a date. You will not need to be present on the day of the clearance, as long as we have access to the property we will go ahead following your instructions.  


On Completion the properties keys will be returned to you, your solicitor, estate agent or other representative. Any items that would like to keep will be delivered from the property clearance to you or to your relatives/friends. If requested, items will be returned to our office for storage or taken to auction houses to be sold on your behalf.

How much does a property clearance cost?  


It’s almost impossible to say without a site inspection as each property will need to be individually assessed. We are very happy to come along and chat through your requirements – a service for which we make no charge.   Our charges for clearance are based on waste disposal costs and how long it will take us to remove and dispose of the contents.   If any of the contents have value we can arrange for these to be sold on your behalf or, in some cases, use these against the cost of our fees if more appropriate.  We will always supply you with a free no-obligation written quotation.

What do you do with the waste?          

We are passionate about recycling to minimise the amount of waste material transferred to landfill. We will only use waste transfer stations that have a high re-cycling rate and wherever possible, re-use able items will be offered to charitable organisations.

What payment methods do you accept?     


We can accept payment by cheque, cash, bank transfer or debit card whichever you find more convenient. If you are dealing with an estate, we can send our invoice to your solicitors for settlement from estate funds when available.

How soon can you help?          

We have established an excellent reputation – which means that we are kept very busy! However, we do know that in some circumstances, our services will need to be provided very quickly and we will always do our utmost to work within your timescale.

Are you licensed?          

Yes, we are fully registered with The Environment Agency.

Do you need a deposit before you clear the property?          

In most cases we do not require a deposit payment and are happy to cover any disbursement payments (tipping fees) which will be added to your invoice at the end of the job. In exceptional cases, where disbursements are very high, we may need some deposit but we will always give you a very clear explanation of costs and charges.

Can you provide me with references?          

Yes, we are always very pleased to do this and can refer you to as many satisfied customers and professional referrers as you would wish.

Are you insured?          

Yes, we carry very adequate insurance cover.

Where are you Based

The Old Wood shed , Yonder Hill, Chard Junction , Chard, TA20 4QR