One Call And We Do It All

Full Waste Carrier Licence


Time Scale



•We usually just require 24 hours notice, we like to turn up at 9 am on the day of our appointment. We can clear a standard 3 bedroom house in approx 3-4 hours.

•If you are unable to be present during the house clearance we can pick keys up from solicitors, estate agents or neighbors and hand the keys back when the house has been cleared. 

•We will clear everything you ask us to clear, even the food from the cupboards, we can disconnect all white goods proving they are standard connections & uplift carpets if required.




Quite often clearances have to be undertaken at a difficult and upsetting time for the customer either because of the loss of a loved-one or the upheaval of moving. GAP House Clearance is well aware that items have much more than a commercial value – they have a sentimental value too so we operate with tact and respect towards everyone involved in the process. We do go that extra mile to make sure our customers feel comfortable and happy with what was agreed.

Fair Trade


Our business is committed to demonstrate a fair and honest trade. 

We provide a quality service to our customers. 

We agree to ensure consumers statutory rights are not restricted in any way. 

We have agreed not to commence work without the customers expressed consent and shall provide a receipt showing full details of work carried out. 

We have agreed & proven all staff are competent for the work they carry out. 

We have been proven to show adequate insurance including public liability insurance. 

We are committed to the trading standards service to provide a fair and impartial service to both customers and businesses. 

What We Do



  • Full House Clearance
  • Garage Clearance
  • Deep Cleaning
  • End Of Tenancy Clearance
  • Registered Waste Carrier  •CBDU294309
  • Part House Clearance
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Hoarded House Clearance
  • Loft Clearance
  • End of Tenancy Clean
  • Contents Valuations
  • Insured with Public Liability Insurance of £1,000,000
  • Committed to recycling unwanted materials whenever possible
  • Happy to donate suitable household items to charities assisting homeless persons (or other charities nominated by the customer)
  • We are a Local Company based in Chard TA204QR

Rogue Traders



The UK House Clearance Association has the following tips for avoiding rogue house clearance companies:

Warning Signs to Watch Out For


1. Does the person you are speaking to on the phone sound cagey, hesitant, or non confident?

2. Are they promising the earth for very little money?

3. Ask them if they will supply you with an invoice once the house clearance is completed? The invoice should contain all of their business details.

4. Are they asking for cash in hand?

5. Is their website transparent? Do they have a registered office address shown?

6. Remember, anyone can put together a website in a few hours. Take your time to go over their website thoroughly. Does it feel right to you? Just because they have a website, do not think they are accountable. We’ve heard of many stories whereby people have been duped by professional looking websites that fail to live up to their promises. For legal reasons, we cannot name and shame them, but please be warned. Just because a site is listed on the Google search engine does not qualify it as being either ethical or professional.

7. Remember anyone can write testimonials. 

8. Go with your first instinct; if something doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t.